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Biography of Yolanda Lins d'Augsburg Rodrigues (1942-VVVV)

Painter, sculptor and Brazilian Designer, born in Rio de Janeiro on 27 January 1942, known also as Countess von Lins d'Augsburg and Ulm.

He studied in his hometown, where he/she obtained the diploma in fine arts and piano; He/She holds a PhD in Etruscan by Rome University Art and history of art at the Madrid in 1974, and then went to Paris for further studies in the school of fine arts.

Started in the world of sculpture in Rome at the hands of Giacomo Mazu, who worked on the door that the Pope had entrusted Paul VI at the Vatican. In 1969 he/she moved to Madrid, where settled. In this city he/she developed most of his artistic career, which was not limited only to sculpture, as he/she also cultivated abstract painting and in the design of various objects (shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, glasses, bottles or jars, games etc.).

One of his works, autumn woman, done in marble, earned him the award of the UNESCO in 1975; a year later was awarded with the Grand Palais de Paris and the special prize of the sport in the fine arts, the biennial of Madrid. Other awards that it has been awarded are the prize of the UN in 1979, by the roots and ties to the peace model, and the Medal of the city of Miami.


He has exhibited in various cities of the world, including Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Lisbon, Rome, Caracas, Barcelona, New York, Washington and Madrid. Furthermore, many of his works are in many private collections in Europe, America and Middle East, as well as important museums.

(1975) Bienal de Madrid. (1980) retrospective, Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon. (1982) Embassy of Spain, Brazil. (1983) Gallery Grifé Escoda, Madrid. (1989) Museum masthead of the Embassy of Spain, Brazil. (1990) Tate Gallery, London. (1991) "from figuration to abstraction", Santiago de Compostela, Spain.