Biography of Xavier Rodríguez Baixeras (1945-VVVV)

Spanish poet in Galician, natural language of Tarragona. He/She spent his childhood in Ribadeo and today is based in Vigo. He/She began his poetic adventures with the sunken City (1971). It was followed by the Fentos poetry books not sea ('ferns in the sea', 1981), Lembranzas do areal (1985) and the anthology of his poetry published in 1987, years of journey (1981-1987). That same year meant for Rodríguez Baixeras confirmation of his poetic talent, which led him to obtain the prize of criticism by A gandara da noite ('La GÁNDARA of the night'). In 1991, González Garcés by Os visitors ('visitors'), which was followed by swimmer (1995) won the award.

In a proper style, Rodríguez Baixeras delves into the personal and family memory to draw elaborate poems carefully building close a time and space.

1998 is his latest book of poems so far, entitled North Beira.