Biography of Juan o Rodrigo de Triana Rodríguez Bermejo (S.XVI)

Military and Spanish sailor, born in Los Molinos (Seville) and dead to 1511 in the Philippines, better known as Rodrigo de Triana, which formed part of the crew of the first Columbian journey to the new world. According to the story, it was he who first sighted the American coasts from his post of Watcher of the Caravel La Pinta, at dawn on October 12, 1492; However it was impossible to collect the reward promised by the Catholic Kings, since the leader of the expedition, Cristóbal Colón, said to have been the first to see land. After the Indian campaign, Rodríguez Bermejo served in the army that went to the South Pacific, where, apparently, died while taking part in the battle of the Moluccas.