Biography of Ginger Rogers (1911-1995)

American actress born in Independence (Missouri), whose real name is Virginia Katherine McMath. Daughter of writer Lela McMath, who was pushed her to the stage (with five years already appeared in advertising films). In 1924, he began his career as a singer and dancer, and in 1926 starred with Eddie Foy Jr. in Vaudevilles and 'music hall' and in 1931 he triumphed on Broadway with a work of Gershwin. Coming to the cinema in 1930 was not as a dancer, but as 'gangster girl' in detective films. Fame came with his musical films with Fred Astaire: his wonderful dance form allowed him to the most romantic numbers or the more modern, accompanied occasionally by his pleasant voice. It was not only a great dancer: it was also a good actress, as evidenced by the Oscar for best actress by the mirage of love (1940). Some of his best films are: 42nd Street (1933), the cheerful divorcee (1934), hat Cup (1935), on the wings of dance (1936), breast force (1939), the major and the minor (1942), first lady (1946), I feel to rejuvenate or Harlow, the platinum blonde (1965).