Biography of Pablo Rojas Guardia (1909-1978)

Venezuelan writer, born in Caracas in 1909, and died in the same city, in 1978. He/She studied at the Central University of Venezuela, and in 1926 began his literary career by publishing in newspapers and magazines such as El Heraldo, Elite, El Pueblo and weekly Caribbean. He/She opposed the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez, which earned him periods of incarceration in 1928 and 1933. Aligned with the literary avant-garde, not renounced literary commitment, since his first book, poems sleepwalking (1931). After the death of Gómez, published in 1937 steel, sign, naked intimacy and cry that I see. Two years later he/she founded the literary group Friday, renewing and edgy. He/She got the national prize of literature, and subsequently combined journalism with diplomacy (was added cultural in Mexico) and criticism. They include titles such as tropic lacerated (1945), the unfinished voice (1960), Enigma of the tropical light (1963) and something from the sea and the warm bread (1968). As a literary critic he/she wrote the face of Homeland (1968) and the magical reality (1969).