Biography of Luis Roldán Ibáñez (1943-VVVV)

Luis Roldán.

Spanish politician, born in Zaragoza in 1943. Developed their political work in the service of the Socialist Labor Spanish party, serving in various positions. It is known, above all, by a famous corruption case when it held the general Directorate of the Civil Guard.

He began his career by entering the PSOE in 1976; three years later he was appointed Deputy Mayor of the city of Zaragoza, delegate of the Exchequer and member of the Aragonese Parliament. In 1982 he received the post of Government delegate in the autonomy of Navarre and during his tenure the Nafarroa ETA command was broken up.

In 1986 he was appointed director-general of the Civil Guard, giving the case that was the first time that such fee a civilian played it. At the end of 1993, journalistic information revealed that Roland diverted significant amounts of money from the reserved funds of the Ministry of the Interior to your personal account and this went out to the passage of the accusations, announcing that it would present in court to prove his innocence. On January 3, 1994 he was replaced at the head of the Civil Guard by Ferran Cardenal and in mid-February was approved in a plenum of the Congress to create a Commission to investigate the budget funds of the Civil Guard during the time of Roland, who was summoned to appear before the Committee at the beginning of March; He refused to report their assets, which increased wanted to justify by the heritage received on the death of his father. luis Roldán fled Spain after receiving accusations of corruption and misappropriation of funds public, at the end of April 1994. After ten months of leak was located in Laos and captured at Bangkok airport. The scandal that originated was a hard blow for the Government of the Socialist Felipe González Márquez, who after fourteen years of Government was defeated in the 1996 election by the people's Party, led by José María Aznar.

Roldán was imprisoned on February 28, 1995, awaiting trial, interposing his lawyer multitude of resources so that this does not happen. luis Roldán was sitting on the bench in December 1997 and charged with nine crimes, was found guilty by judge Pedro Javier Rodríguez González of embezzlement, fraud, bribery and tax evasion. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison for having illegally accumulated a fortune of $ 14 billion as it headed the Civil Guard. His wife, Blanca Rodríguez Porto, was sentenced to turn to a sentence of four years in prison for cover-up and offences against the public Treasury. Other defendants were acquitted to the general surprise.

Serving sentence in prison Brieva (Ávila), prisoner enjoyed some special permissions, one of them by reason of the death of his mother and her funeral in Zaragoza. In November 2002, the prison surveillance of Valladolid Court awarded third grade prison.


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