Biography of Francisco Roldán Jiménez (1462-1502)

Expeditionary and Spanish sailor born in Moguer Huelva village October 4, 1462 and died in 1502. It was companion of Columbus during his first voyage.

Throughout his life he enjoyed the confidence of the Spanish Crown. Already at very young age accompanied the King Fernando II, King of Aragon and Castilla V on his journeys to Aragon; In addition, he took an active part in the conquest of Granada.

Appointed mayor of La Isabela by Columbus, he irrupted with Bartholomew Columbus, and headed to the malcontents (1497), also rebelling several indigenous chieftains. In 1499, after years of dissensions, got a capitulation of Cristóbal Colón, promising them salaries, land and freedom to return to Spain if they wanted to. He also managed improvement for the indigenous population. It was, on the other hand, allied Bobadilla when it came to replacing Columbus.

Letters of Roland to the Court were the beginning of the dissensions on the conduct of Columbus in America. The parcels he got from the last were in turn the germ of the end of the Indian monopoly of the Colon.

Roldán died when he returned to Spain with Bobadilla.