Biography of Jaime Roldós Aguilera (1940-1981)

Ecuadorian politician, President of the country between 1979 and 1981, born in Guayaquil in 1940 and died in plane crash on May 24, 1981. He/She studied law and began in politics as President of the Federation of University students. In 1964 he/she was Vice-Dean of the Faculty of jurisprudence of the University Catholic. In 1968 they chose Deputy of the popular forces concentration, and so was the youngest member of Parliament. Subsequently he/she took part, as a member of the permanent legislative Commission and the Commission of the National Congress of constitutional reforms; He/She was also head of policy of concentration of popular forces and member of the second Commission of legal restructuring action. In 1979, in the first democratic elections, was elected President of the Republic. His foreign policy was oriented towards respect to non-intervention, the observance of human rights and the peaceful settlement of disputes between States. In domestic policy, his motto was: "Social justice and participatory democracy". In 1981, he/she had to deal with a situation of serious border with Peru in the Department of Paquisha clashes. Shortly after the fire a high agreement was signed and a vigilance Committee was formed. Died victim of a plane crash in Zapatillo. There were several hypotheses to explain his death, and was even the possibility of an attack of the M-19 Colombian, since it had been threatened by delivering a guerrilla to the Colombian army without prior process of extradition. Vice President Osvaldo Hurtado took the head of State until the new election call.