Biography of Valentino Rossi (1979-VVVV)

Valentino Rossi celebrates one of his triumphs.

Italian motorcyclist, born February 16, 1979 in Urbino (Marche). The world champion in the displacements of 125, 250 and 500 DC considered the most talented driver who has gone through the world of motorcycles after the withdrawal of the Australian Mick Doohan, who many consider to be her successor, Rossi it has won everything and became a sports star of first level with little more than twenty years.

His fondness for the sport came from family, since his father, Graziano Rossi, was also professional in the 1970 pilot, although Valentino showed a special and unusual talent from a young age. It began competing in the early 1990s at racing minibike, which led him to debut with only fourteen years in the 125 cc Championship of Italy and get the title of the discipline in 1994, at the controls of a machine Cagiva.

In 1995 he retained the national Italian Championship 125 and conquered the third place in the European Championship of the cylinder capacity, successes that catapulted him from the World Championship 125 cc as official pilot of the Aprilia team, and already in his debut season, 1996, the young Rossi showed his quality to gain victory in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic and finish in a creditable 11th place in the overall standings. The 1997 season should be that of your confirmation, but it was something more than that: conquered the title of displacement after eleven victories in other so many great prizes, winning in circuits such as Imola, Montmeló, Donington and Hockenheim, and becoming the youngest champion in history with 18 years and 200 days. After such display Aprilia could not but promote him to the of 250 c.c., which did you need more than one season of learning, and thus, after finish second in 1998 with five great prizes to add to his record, in 1999 won the World Championship, a title forged in his nine victories throughout the season and that again made him the youngest in the history of the cylinder capacity of 250.

In 2000 he was the star signing of Honda for his team of 500 c.c., and although he could only win in two Grands Prix, England and Brazil, an admirable steadiness led him to occupy the second final place behind Britain's Kenny Roberts. However, experience coupled with his innate talent helped him to, once again, conquer the world title in his second year in the category. His 2001 win was perhaps the most spectacular of his short sporting career by dominating the competition from start to finish and win the Crown in the absence of two runs; the ten partial victories achieved only been bettered by Doohan and the mythical Agostini. A total of 38 Grand Prix to his record, not never achieved by another pilot at his age, Mark Rossi seemed to be destined to continue accumulating triumphs and records during the first decade of 2000.

The 2002 season was premiered with attractive novelties. The category Queen of 500 DC was renamed Moto GP and she could participate the traditional two-stroke (500 c.c.) machines and new four-stroke engines of up to 990 DC The incentive to innovation, the Italian pilot fulfilled expectations and debuted with an undeniable triumph in the G.P of Japan, at the controls of his new Honda RC 211V 4 T. In the first round of the season, Rossi left good sample of what was to be a constant in the World Championship 2002: its absolute superiority over all rivals and the confirmation of its status as the best pilot of the circuit. He only needed eleven more runs and an unmatched balance of nine victories, a second and a neglect for failure of tires, to conquer in Brazil its fourth World Champion title, the second consecutive in the maximum cubic capacity. In the absence of four runs to complete the calendar, Rossi ruled the world and let the pleasant work of accounting for their extraordinary numbers for statistics lovers: 50 wins in 104 disputed G.P. and 10 of them in the same season (2002); two steps away from the record set by the legendary Doohan who managed 12 first places in 1997. Even approached more Australian brand after the victory in the GP of Australia, the penultimate round of the Championship, but only might be second in the circuit of Cheste (Valencia GP), the race in which the world bid farewell, and failed to match the mark of Doohan. If reached, on the contrary, the figure of 355 points, the highest in the history of motorcycling.

The conquest of the fifth world title of his career, third in category Queen, began to take shape from the first event of the 2003 season. Rossi climbed to the top of the podium in the GP of Japan; a tragic day, marked by the fatal accident at the Japanese rider Daijiro Kato. Since that time, the Italian demonstrated once again its unquestionable hegemony on the bike. He climbed on the podium in every race of the calendar, achieved the victory in 9 major awards and became champion in Malaysia, in the absence of two tests to complete the world. The Valencian circuit of Cheste, last round of the Championship, he added victory number 59 of his career and his 22nd consecutive podium; a record that allowed him to equal the record of the legendary Giacomo Agostini. After the World Cup, the flamboyant champion announced his rupture with the Honda team and his signing with Yamaha.

With these premises, few were betting by the Italian champion, that he will start the season with a lower than the rivals bike. However, it began with a victory in the GP of South Africa which astonished his detractors. Two quarters put in Jerez and France seemed to put things "on your website", but three drawers followed in Italy, Catalonia and the Netherlands showed that "il dottore", as it is affectionately known in the circuits, was the same as before despite technical deficiencies. His domain was only questioned by the Spanish Sete Gibernau, who was making an excellent season. Thus the things, and after abandoning in the GP of Qatar, to just three runs from the end of the season, the classification of the World Cup was in a narrow margin of 229 points to Rossi and 215 for Gibernau. However, undisputed top three in Malaysia, Australia and Valencia left classification in 304 points to Rossi and 257 to Sète, which concluded a season that, in addition to assume the fourth motoGP title, served also to proclaim Rossi as one of the greatest drivers of all time.

Season 2005, for its part, was a triumphant ride to Rossi in which would be his fifth title on the maximum displacement of the circuit. Four great prizes before the end of the season, Rossi was proclaimed champion mathematically, when it amounted to 281 points for the 159 from Max Biaggi. With nine first positions and three seconds (and just a drop-out), "il dottore" turned out to be an indisputable leader during all the MotoGP Championship. Neither Biaggi, Hayden, Capirossi, Melandri, Barros and Gibernau could make shadow, so the Urbino was awarded the Championship comfortably, and equaled the legendary five 500cc Championships achieved by Doohan, thus taking over as a great icon of world motorcycling. On the other hand, to add its gotten degrees at 125 and 250 cc, it was already seven in his career, which was positioned in the path of the best of all time, with names as big as Giacomo Agostini (15 titles), Ángel Nieto (13) and Mike Hailwood and Carlo Ubbiali (9), and equal to Phil Read and John Surtees (both with 7). All a feat for a driver so young that, despite being the undisputed king of motorcycling, along with its already famous eccentricities shuffled the possibility to try his luck in Formula 1 next season, although he renounced it when it proved what was inside a car, and decided to continue in the motorcycling, a specialty that "still not complete" and that "I left stimuli".

The year 2006 did not begin especially well for Rossi, since in the great prize of Shanghai had technical problems with his Yamaha and he could not finish it, giving a downturn in the overall standings. In addition to the technical problems, also some falls occurred, but in the second half of the season, she starred in an epic comeback. However this comeback did not have its happy culmination, since in the last race in Valencia ended up ceding the title to Nicky Hayden.

In the 2007 season, Rossi debuted the new Yamaha YZR-M1. In the first race of the season, he managed to finish in second position behind Casey Stoner, but this one, on the back of his Ducati got in successive races extend his advantage in the overall standings on the riders closest to him. Rossi completed tenth in the Grand Prix of Turkey, because of a defect in their Michelin tyres, and although it managed to climb back to second place on the podium in China, a bad recommendation from Michelin tyres was because of her sixth place in the Grand Prix of Le Mans. Tyres Bridgestone-equipped riders took over the three places on the podium in this race and Rossi responded saying that Michelin had urgently fix the weaknesses of your tires. In the Grand Prix of Italy, Rossi was reunited with the victory, beating Dani Pedrosa. In the Championships of Catalonia and Donington, Rossi finished second and fourth respectively, racing which won Stoner again, but in Assen, Rossi was re-fashioned from position 11 and beat Stoner to win the race.

In half of the season, Rossi was the closest rider to beat the hegemony of Stoner, 21 points this. But everything is twisted in Sachsenring, when on lap 6 Rossi took a fall that damaged his right hand and had to leave the race. Later, in the Grand Prix of United States at Laguna Seca, Rossi managed fourth place behind Stoner and Melandri, Vermeulen. The Grand Prize of Brno, Czech Republic, Rossi finished in seventh place, settling him 60 points of Stoner in the general, again because of problems with the tires, and in Misano, new engine problems caused a new cumulative difference of 85 points.

In Motegi, Rossi could only see how Stoner reached the ultimate victory in the general of the Championship of the world, in a race marked by the moisture of the track, and he did that I had to enter in boxes finishing in thirteenth position and third overall behind Stoner and Pedrosa.

2008 season, Casey Stoner on a Ducati WINS in the Grand Prix of Qatar, although in the early laps he led Dani Pedrosa, pursued by Valentino Rossi Yamaha YZR M 1, who subsequently was relegated to the 5th placement, to a few thousandths behind Andrea Dovizioso. At the Spanish Jerez circuit, March 30, the race was a monologue by Dani Pedrosa to the front. Rossi finished second, adding points, after having been relegated to the seventh position, but had to see how King Juan Carlos made the award to the Spanish pilot. In the third event of the Championship, Jorge Lorenzo, his teammate, stands with the triumph, Dani Pedrosa is second and Rossi arrives in the 3rd placement. In the circuit of Shanghai in China, Rossi beat Pedrosa in a hotly disputed duel, joining the Italian his win number 89, a career mark of Ángel Nieto, a key victory, since it not expired from Portugal in 2007.

In France, the pole is Pedrosa, Stoner snatches it, but Rossi Chase gives its fruits, and triumph, marking the second consecutive victory takes, fact that not happened since June 2006, and the brand Yamaha took the 3 sites of the podium, unpublished since 2001.

Grand Prix of Italy, stronghold of the "Dottore", who is disencumbered of its main rivals in only four laps, winning his seventh consecutive victory in Italy, and the only one to get victories since 2002 when it began to be called GP, with 4-stroke engines. In Montmeló circumstances came to Rossi was only overtaken by Pedrosa, who, running near his house, crossed the finish line in first place, although the Championship remained held by Rossi, leader with 7 points. At Donington Park, England, Rossi manages to subdue the resistance of Pedrosa, but can not with excellent Stoner approach, in a race where he stood the epic comeback of Jorge Lorenzo. The big prize of the Netherlands represented a setback for Valentino Rossi, falling in the first round, Stoner was awarded the triumph and Pedrosa becomes temporarily the leader spot.

Casey Stoner is also required in the following competition, and Rossi, arriving in the second placement, after exit from the third line, and scale positions, added the points needed to return to the head of the Championship. The next test, at Laguna Seca, United States, territory of Casey Stoner, reigning world champion, was a duel of unrelenting, with the local pilot dominating in previous races, and delaying the braking input curves, but the Italian rider overcame it several times in the curves, despite shortcomings of power on his motorcycle, and the American will again pass on the straight linesagain and again, taking the show to the limit. In the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, the early fall of Stoner and Pedrosa disappointing tenth position practically leave Championship sentenced for Rossi, who takes an advantage of 50 points on his main rival Stoner, while Pedrosa falls out of the options to the title. In the Grand Prix of San Marino, Rossi is approaching impeccably what could be his eighth World title. Embraced by thousands of fans, more presence featured Diego Maradona as one "tifosi" more, Rossi writes pages statistics will point to the history of the sport, because it gets the victory of Italy No. 700, and equal the record of Giacomo Agostini as the pilot with more victories in 500 or GP bike, and leads Stoner by 75 pointsWhen missing only five races to end the world.

In the circuit of Indianapolis Rossi, even with complicated weather conditions, where the rain was followed by strong gusty winds, achieved a new victory, away from the rest of his pursuers in the struggle for the consecration. When it finishes the Grand Prix of Japan, pilots surrender to the domain of the pilot virtuoso of Yamaha, the Italian champion 3 dates is devoted to finish the Championship.

Casy Stoner achieved victory in the Grand Prix of Australia, breaking the streak of 5 consecutive victories of Rossi, who came second to the goal after ahead of Nicky Hayden on the final lap. Stoner takes hold in the second place of the championship due to a fall of Pedrosa remaining you possibilities to gain access to that position. Get the Grand Prize of Malaysia, corrida at the Sepang circuit, where Rossi achieved with victory his podium number 150, where, without having to prove anything, because it has already awarded title, ahead of Pedrosa to 11 laps from the end and sentence the race. In Valencia, last year sporting commitment, Casey Stoner takes victory and it enshrines runner-up, while Rossi came third, after starting in the 10th position, and even strive to be at the podium. After a couple of seasons in "dry dock", Rossi returned, for the eighth time, to enjoy a new world title.

In November 2008 Rossi test the controls of a Formula one Ferrari allows you to drive in Mugello, confessing afterwards that "it would encourage you" drive one.

During the season 2009 of motorcycling and again with Yamaha, Valentino gets his ninth world title ahead of teammate Jorge Lorenzo. The 2010 season was one of the worst for "The doctor", several falls, long recoveries and a bike that doesn't work lead to confirm his signing, August 15, 2010, by the Ducati team from 2011 season.

Season 2011, Ducati, not begins dramatically, because of the injury that Valentino was dragging on the back and their little adaptation to the new bike. Valentino believes this season of transition and adaptation to your new machine. The worst of this season came on October 23, 2011, in the circuit of Malaysia, when Valentino was involved in a serious car accident along with Colin Edwars and Marco Simoncelli. This accident cost him his life to Marco Simoncelli, who was the best friend of Valentino in the Paddock.

The 2012 season was no better. Team Ducati introduced many changes to the bike, but did not get the features desired by the pilot and his relationship with the team leaders was worse, at the end of season, Valentino announced his return to the Team Yamaha, with Jorge Lorenzo.