Biography of Mickey Rourke (1955-VVVV)

Actor and American boxer born in Schenectady (New York) on October 17, 1955. It was, for a time, Boxer fan in Miami. For four years, though irregular in shape, was at the school of dramatic arts New York Actor's Studio, where the Stanislavsky method is taught. One of his teachers provided with a role in a work of Arthur Miller: a view from the bridge.

His first film role was in an amateur production entitled the look of death. With 24 years he decided to go to Hollywood and got small roles in 1941 and Fade to black by Steve Spielberg. He participated in the dinner (1982), Body Heat, the Pope of Greenwich Village, Manhattan South (1985), the law of the street, nine weeks and media, the heart of the angel, Requien by those who are going to die, Barfly (1987), Homeboy (1988), Johnny Handsorne, Francesco (1989), The desperate hours (1990), Wild Orchid and two hard on wheels (1991).

Always critical of the world of Hollywood, in 1991 decided to leave the cinema and dedicate himself to boxing, sport had already practiced in his youth, since between 1974 and 1978 participated in 26 amateur bouts. On 23 May 1991 he debuted as a professional in the category of the supermedios, under the guidance of his coach Tommy Torino.

Rourke was married to Debra Feuer, marriage that lasted seven years and whose rupture occurred as a result of the nine and a half weeks film. Subsequently, he was attached to the model Terry Farrell and then to Carré Otis, also model, whom he married in July 1992.

As an actor, his career was in continuous decline in the 1990s. Titles such as White sands (1992), Fall time (1995), Exit in red (1996), Double team (1997), Thursday (1998), Point Blank (1998), Get Carter (2000) and Spun (2002) or Once upon a time in Mexico (2003) failed to revive his career (even participated in you successful the thin red line, but his scenes were dismissed), until the new installment in Robert Rodríguez Sin Citybased on a famous comic, and premiered in 2005, he returned to Rourke to film today.