Biography of Jean Baptiste Rousseau (1670-1741)

Famous lyric poet, dramatic author and French man of letters, born in 1670 and died in 1741. He/She belonged to the most negligible class of society, and to its relevant talent had the protection of some high characters, which made it easier for him to media follow the literary career. Its premiere was not happy, and its comedies, titled: the flatterer, the whimsical and the coffee, bad succeeded. His satirical and the malevolence of some devotees who could not forgive him for his spicy epigrams against a corrupt clergy, put them in accurate situation. Falsely accused of having written coplas slanderous, it was processed as Defamer, banished from the realm in 1712, and retired to Switzerland, near Brussels. There he/she acquired new protectors, and it could end its life quietly refusing to return to Paris. His most notable productions are: Odes, Cantatas, epigrams, Epistles and allegories.