Biography of Antoni Rubio i Lluch (1856-1937)

Spanish scholar. He/She was born in Valladolid and died in Barcelona. President of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans in 1907, published on February 4, 1913 in Barcelona a set of orthographic rules for catalan. The drafting of these standards by both he/she and Eugenio D'Ors, Massó, Josep Carner, Fabra Although the measures are adopted by the press and the majority of writers, they received hard attacks that were published in the revista Catalana. The Royal Decree of the Ministry of public instruction, issued in Madrid on November 26, 1926, ordered the language Academy to admit representatives of regional languages and eight squares of tenured academics were created. In 1927, are elected to these posts: Blonde i Lluch and Eugenio D'Ors to catalan, Fullana for the Valencian, Riber for the Mallorcan, Cotarelo and Cabanillas for the gallego and Julio de Urquijo and resurrection María Azcue in the Basque. Blonde i Lluch is the author of lessons of universal history, 1878-79. Projecting his studies on Calderon and Catalan literature.