Biography of Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón (1958-VVVV)

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón

Politician, lawyer and Spanish Attorney born in Madrid on December 11, 1958, married to María de el Mar Utrera. Son of the late member of the Popular Alliance, José María Ruiz-Gallardón, policy is considered to be one of the most brilliant men of the people's Party.

He studied law at the higher school San Pablo CEU, of the Complutense University, where he/she graduated with 21 years. Two years later he/she portrayed the oppositions of income to the career of Prosecutor, and obtained a square with the number two of the promotion.

In 1977 he/she joined Popular Alliance, which dealt with the legal aspects of the party. He/She was elected Councillor aliancista from the city of Madrid in 1983. He/She joined the Executive Committee in 1986 and was the author of AP. statutes within the structure of the party joined the Legal Department of AP and went on to chair the Committee on justice. After the cessation of Jorge Verstrynge as Secretary general of the party, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon took this position at the beginning of September 1986, but interim basis until the conclusion of the Congress. In December of that same year the Assembly was elected candidate for the Presidency of the autonomous community of Madrid.

In 1987, during the celebration of the extraordinary Congress of AP, was elected President of the same Antonio Hernández Mancha and Ruiz-Gallardón succeeded in getting one of the four Vice-Presidents. In June of that same year he/she was elected Deputy of the Assembly of Madrid, and in July Senator on behalf of the community of Madrid.

In 1988 resigned from all his positions within the party, considering that the President, Hernández Mancha, had not informed him of an agreement reached with the CDS for the presentation of the motions of censure in the Assembly and the City Council of Madrid.

At the beginning of 1989 he/she returned to the Executive of the party, with the return of Fraga to the Presidency, and was elected member of the National Executive Committee and President of the conflicts and Discipline Committee.

After the general election of October 1989 he/she continued as Senator by the community of Madrid, and served as Chairman of the Popular group in the Senate for the fourth legislature.

On July 26, 1990, he/she was elected his party's candidate for the Presidency of the community of Madrid for the elections in May 1991.

In June 1993 was again re-elected Senator for Madrid, and in May 1995 won regional elections. On June 28, 1995 was inaugurated President of the community of Madrid, in the regional Assembly; the next day he/she resigned as Senator to the President of the upper House, Juan José Laborda, to devote himself entirely to the autonomic Executive, according to the electoral promise. He/She managed the re-election in elections in 1999.

In 2002, he/she accepted the order of José María Aznar presented his candidacy for mayor of Madrid, of the municipal elections on May 25, 2003. He/She won the elections with an overwhelming majority (30 Councillors) and June 14 took possession of his new position as Councillor for the capital of Spain.

In front of the Mayor's office undertook the Madrid Calle 30 project allowing to remodel the m, which bypasses Madrid, and the burying of the section that matches the riverbed of the river Manzanares, whose margins recovered as a green area on its path. The indebtedness of the city for the financing of this project, the felling of trees for the execution of the works and the installation of parking meters in the city were some of the issues more controversies of his first term.

In the municipal elections of 2007, Ruiz-Gallardón revalidated its absolute majority as Aldalde in Madrid and again took the baton from the city of Madrid, for the second time. Some of the projects most important carried out during his second mandate were the culmination of the works of the M-30, the momentum of the Olympic bid of the capital to organize the 2016 Olympic Games (which finally won Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), the development of the law of capital, the creation of the "mobility agents", aimed at organizing and controlling traffic, the pedestrianisation of the historic centre of the city, etc.

In the general election of November, Mariano Rajoy, included you as number 4 on his candidacy. The Popular Party won general elections and Ruiz-Gallardón, ran as one of the Ministers in the new Cabinet. The new Prime Minister appointed him Minister of Justice, and Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón left his partner of Ana Botellaparty Mayor of Madrid.

In his first parliamentary hearings, as Minister of Justice, has announced his intention to reform the abortion law and the system of election of judges vocal 12 of the General Council of the judiciary, as well as that it is awaiting that decision the Constitutional Court on same-sex marriage law.

On March 30, 2012, the Government announced the approval of a draft law prepared by the Ministry of Justice, which climb the court fees, in order to, according to Ruiz-Gallardon, alleviate the saturation of the courts; Although the opposition parties reproach him that it is a measure that limits access to many citizens to justice, by the high rise of rates.