Biography of Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt (1875-1953)

German military. He/She was born in Aschersleben. Member of an ancient family of soldiers, joined the school of cadets at Oranienbourg, from where came up with the grade of second lieutenant of infantry; He/She subsequently studied at the Academia de Guerra de Berlin. He/She was called to the headquarters, where he/she served until 1918. In 1927 he/she was promoted to general and chosen by Von Papen military commander of Berlin. It crushed the resistance of the social democratic Government of Prussia when it did not accept the dissolution ordered by Von Papen. Discontent with Nazism, retired in 1938, but Hitler entrusted him with the command of bodies of troops which invaded Poland and France. These successes earned him the promotion to field marshal. He/She participated in the invasion of Russia, under the command of the armies of the South, who occupied Kiev, but opposed the winter offensive and reintroduced the resignation. Some months later, Hitler entrusted him with the command of the West front in France, which took until 1944. He/She could not prevent the Allied Normandy landings, so it was replaced by Kluge. Hitler wanted to take advantage of its prestige and handed once again command ordering him directing the latest offensive in the Ardennes; After giving his post to Kesselring, was taken prisoner by the British. He/She was interned in Nuremberg, London and Hamburg and released in 1949 due to his State of health. He/She died in Hanover in 1953.