Biography of Adam de Saint-Victor (ca. 1112-1192)

Poet and French musician of breton origin, born about 1112 and died July 18, 1192, according to the "Annals" of Saint-Victor. He is considered one of the best lirico-religiosos poets of the middle ages.

He was Canon of the Abbey of Saint-Victor. The sequence, lyric composition mediolatina of religious origin, took the highest degree of perfection. He distanced himself from the poet and musician Notker Balbulus, model to take the regular Strophic form of rhythm and rhyme, and replaced the "andamento" Hallelujah for free tunes.

The most characteristic features of their production are: the perfect technique of its stanzas and the elegance of his style, town of expressions and figures from Scripture. Moreover, highlights the fluid rhythm and rhyme domain. On the basis of firm knowledge of theological doctrine, it presents a symbolic and allegorical vision of the universe.

Excel scripts Mundi renovatio (In resurrectione Domini) and of María Virgine.