Biography of Xavier de Salas Bosch (1907-1982)

Historian of Spanish art born in Barcelona on June 4, 1907, and died in Madrid on June 3, 1982. He/She was Professor of history of art at the universities of Barcelona and Madrid, with an intermediate length during which worked in Spanish cultural institutions in England; also, between 1970 and 1978, was director of the Museo del Prado. As a researcher focused on the history of painting, especially the Goya, the Baroque and romantic.

Son of Xavier's rooms i of Milans, civil engineer, graduated in philosophy and letters (section history) from the University of Barcelona; later he/she obtained his doctorate in in Madrid in 1930, where he/she had as a teacher to Elías Tormo, and continued studies in history of art in Madrid and some European cities (Berlin and Vienna). Also graduated in law from the University of Salamanca. From 1931 he/she was Assistant Professor at the Faculty of philosophy and arts of Barcelona, where he/she obtained the Chair of history of art in 1945; in 1937 had also been Secretary of Dionisio Ridruejo in services Secretariat of Propaganda in Burgos. For several years he/she simultanesus teaching with an important museum work (comisario-director of the museums of Catalonia) and Secretary of the Board of museums of Barcelona, between 1940 and 1947. In 1946 he/she moved to London, where he/she stayed for more than fifteen years: he/she worked there in the Board of Cultural Affairs of the Spanish Embassy, and directed the Institute of Spain's capital. He/She returned to Spain in 1962, returning to teaching as it granted the Chair in history of art at the University of Madrid, at the time that obtained the post of deputy curator of the Museo del Prado (and member of its Board of Trustees). From 1970 he/she was director of the Museum, since it retained until 1978.

In addition to being a member of the Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando (since 1967) and Academy of good letters of Barcelona (since 1943), was Director of number of the Board of Trustees Saavedra Fajardo (dependent of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC, from 1949). Also belonged to numerous Spanish and foreign Academies: occupied the Chair of Spanish Studies ('Chair in Hispanic Studies') of the University of Oxford since 1952; the direction of the Hispanic Society (' Hispanic ', New York society) from 1956; He/She was Secretary of the Spanish Committee of ICOM (International Council of Museums, 'International Council of museums') since 1962 and the Executive since 1968; Member of the International Committee for art history, since 1963; academic fee of the Royal Academy (' Real', in London), since 1964; Honorary Member of friends of the museums of Barcelona, since 1965; Member of the Board of friends of the art of Madrid, 1966; associate member of the Académie Royale Flamande of Belgium ('Academy Royal Flemish from Belgium'), since 1970; and member of the Advisory Committee to the King Alphonso XII ('Advisory Committee on King Alfonso XII').

He focused his research on Spanish baroque painting, Goya and the romantic painters. He/She wrote: The Comte d'Urgell fi (the end of the count of Urgell, 1931); Goya. The family of Carlos IV (1944); Velazquez (1962); Four masterpieces (1966). In collaboration with the also Francisco Javier Sánchez Cantonart historian: Goya and the paintings of the Quinta del Sordo (1963) and The Golden Age of Spanish Painting (the golden age of Spanish painting, 1976). He/She also prepared an edition of a book of Orellana, Valentina pictorial biographies or lives of the painters, sculptors and architects, Valencian engravers (1936). He/She published several articles in specialized magazines: Archive Spanish of art; Gazette of Beaux Arts (fine arts Gazette); Goya; Annals and bulletin of the museums of Barcelona; Spanish art (which led to its demise in 1969).