Biography of Fray Domingo de Salazar (1525-1594)

Spanish religious, who was born in Baños de Rio Tobia, La Rioja, to 1525. Professed as a religious Dominic in the convent of San Esteban de Salamanca, where he/she was school-fellow of Domingo Báez and Bartolomé Medina, brilliant intellectuals of 16th-century Spanish.

He was soon sent to the missions of Mexico and Florida in America, and there served as Professor in various colleges. It reached the maximum rating possible for a Dominican friar, master in Holy theology. He/She returned to Spain to defend in court the rights of Indians, and while in Spain February 6, 1579, through the Apostolic Constitution of Gregorio VI he/she was appointed first bishop of Manila, where he/she arrived, in 1581, after a journey of more than two years, accompanied by several clergymen and six Franciscans, three Jesuits.

In 1586, after a Synod in those islands, he/she returned to Spain, where he/she received the ecclesiastical territories of reorganization, because it got the elevation of Manila to the rank of Archdiocese of which depended on the Diocese of new Cáceres, Nueva Segovia and Cabu and the creation of the province of the Holy Rosary of the Dominican parents, who worked in the Chinese territories of Clement VIIIFormosa, and Japan.

Shortly after their goals died in Madrid, December 4, 1594.