Biography of King of Asiria Salmanasar IV (782-773 a.C.)

(Shul-Ma-an-a-Sha-red or DI-ma-nu-MASH) Assyrian king, son and successor of Adad-Nirari III, according to the Assyrian Royal Chronicle, which assigns him a reign of ten years. According to the chronic eponimica, from 780 BC there was made up to five campaigns against Urartu (then controlled by Argishti Ipotency), all of them almost of containment under the pressure of this State. Thanks to the efforts of Shamshi-Ilu (the turtanu or general) and bread-Ashshur-lamur (Governor of Assur), Assyria could be seen free domain urarteo. Years later, from the 775 BC, Shalmaneser IV carried out campaigns against the mountain of Cedars, against Damascus and Khatarikka (Harzak), as well as controlling taxes in Palestinian areas. At his death his brother Ashur-Dan IIsucceeded him.