Biography of King of Asiria Salmanasar V (726-722 a.C.)

(Sul-man-a-sha-red or DI-ma-nu.MASH) Assyrian king, son and successor of Tiglath-Pileser III. By the military and political mechanism of earlier times he/she also inherited Babylon, where reigned with the name of Ululaya, known by the Babylonian Royal lists and other secondary sources. Shalmaneser v you are very misinformed, since there are no inscriptions directly related to it. They are two of the few exploits that are assigned the capture and destruction of the Kingdom of Sam' to the, ruled by Bar-rekub, and the capture of Samaria, motivated this by the revolt of the King of Israel Bone. Due to the series of direct taxes which established, certain families of Assur and Kharran, which had enjoyed exemptions and immunities, launched a policy of destabilization, circumstance that knew how to take advantage of an adventurer named Sargón II, who after RID, probably by violent methods of Shalmaneser V, took power.