Biography of José Salomé Pina (1830-1909)

Mexican painter, born in the capital of Mexico in 1830 and died in the same city in 1909. He/She studied painting with Pelegrin key in the Academia de San Carlos. Along with Santiago Rebull got a pension which allowed him to travel to Rome to pursue studies at the Academia de San Lucas; He/She then moved to Paris where he/she completed his training.

Back in Mexico in 1869, from that year until his death devoted himself to teaching at the Academy. In this institution, in the last decades of the century, he/she continued the work of his teacher, Clavé, imparting a teaching classical and idealistic.

His work focuses mainly on biblical themes, but it also highlighted as a portraitist. Especially Abraham and Isaac and output of Agar, a great delicacy; He/She also painted large paintings for the Collegiate Church of Guadalupe.


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