Biography of King of Israel Salomón (ca. 972-931 a.C.)

King of Israel, famous for his wisdom. Solomon was the second (or first) son of David, King of Israel and Bathsheba, wife in a time of military officer Urias. His ascension to the throne was living still their father and by political action against the legitimate heir, Adonijah, who has had proclaimed heir; the future anointing as King was prepared by his mother with the collaboration of the priest Sadoq, the Prophet Nathan and the Chief of the Banayasarmy. Known as King Solomon for the own David, the heir Adonijah, who had the support of the high priest Abiathar and general Joab, had to flee and then apologize to your brother. Granted such grace, Adonijah prepared a conspiracy and even sought to marry the late wife of David (the sunammita Abishag) to recover the throne. Solomon did not hesitate to react aggressively: he/she killed his brother and general Joab and banished to the high priest Abiathar.

Unfortunately many aspects of the reign of Solomon, King focused his activity in buildings and fortifications (Hazor, Gezer, Megiddo, Tamar) policy and the maintenance of peace, not venturing into any war, ignored what was achieved thanks to his diplomatic skills. For administrative purposes it structured its territory into twelve districts, coinciding largely with the fields of the Israelite tribes, in front of which placed other so many Governors. Their relations were optimal with Egypt, even to marry the daughter of Siamun, Pharaoh of the 21st dynasty; they were also with Phoenician, especially with shot, then ruled by Hiram I, which signed a commercial Treaty, which earned him a large profit, and another concerning the fixing of borders. Furthermore, its policy was correct with Ammon, marrying one of their princesses. The visit to the Saba, with whose Queen Nikaule, had interesting talks, should be understood in the context of its peaceful and commercial policy. However, the areas of Edom and Damascus escaped their control.

To centralize religious worship, he/she built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem, the city became the capital of his Kingdom, directed by technical Phoenicians, work which was inaugurated amid lavish celebrations. The taxes that had to be required to cope with the costly expenses of its buildings policy provoked a movement of protest and separatism, favoured by some prophets, complainants, above all, of the policy of religious tolerance, due largely to the women of his large harem, who practiced in idolatrous cults. They are attributed to Solomon some treaties of Botany and Zoology, as well as the song of songs, Ecclesiastes, the book of wisdom and Psalms 18. Even the Koran presents him as a forerunner of Muhammad and Arab legends make him King of the Jinn. On his death, his State split into two kingdoms, Judah and Israel, historical data presenting the Bible as divine punishment.