Biography of Conde de Urgel y Cerdaña Salomón (ca. 830-ca. 870)

Count of Urgell and Cerdanya, born to 830 and died to 870. He/She served his Barcelona exercise at the service of the carolingians interests (see: Carolingian Empire).

It agreed to the counties of Urgel and Cerdanya to Sunifred died in 862, since the children of the previous Earl were still underage. The political transition was peaceful and kept the same judges than with its predecessor. He/She collaborated with the Carolingian Franks to come as his Ambassador to Córdoba to conclude certain treaties. Nothing count Solomon is known after August of the year 868, in which the counties of Urgel, Cerdanya, and Conflent had already passed to Wilfred the hairy and Miró.


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