Biography of Luis Salvador Carmona (1709-1767)

Spanish sculptor, who was born the year 1709 in the Nava del Rey and died in Madrid in 1767. He was a disciple of Juan Ron in Madrid, he helped in many of the works of merit that left in the Court. He contributed to the creation of the Academy of San Fernando, where he was deputy director, and left several pupils. His most notable works are: several sculptures of the main façade of the Palace of Madrid; six statues of Kings, for it; Statue of San Sebastián; Santa Catalina de Rizzis; San José; San Francisco Javier; San Miguel; San Camilo; San Pascual; San Ignacio; San Joaquin; Santa Ana; San Rafael; San Zaccaria; Santa Isabel; San Francisco; San Antonio; Our Lady of the Rosary; Madonna and child; Crucifix; Our Lady of Sorrows; Christ tied to the column; San Felipe Neri; San Isidro; Virgen de la O; San Damaso; Santa María de la Cabeza; Our Lady of peace; Santo Tomás de Aquino; Santa Rosa de Lima; Santa Librada; Santa María Egipcíaca (in several churches of Madrid); San Ildefonso medallion of the Virgin receiving the chasuble; Crucifix; Virgin; San Juan and Magdalena (in Talavera de la Reina); Our Lady of Sorrows; Christ whipped (Salamanca); Our Lady of the Rosary; San Rafael and Tobias; St. Simon and St. Jude; San Jacinto and San Pedro Martir; Santa Catalina de Rizzis; San Miguel; San Bartolomé (in Valverde); Christ's forgiveness; Divina Pastora (Nava del Rey); San Miguel (in el Paular); Forty-two statues of Saints, in Segura de Vizcaya; Twelve Vergara, etc.