Biography of Joan Salvat Papasseit (1894-1924)

Spanish poet, one of the most emblematic within the Group of Catalan poets who in the 1960s wrote literature committed, born in Barcelona, in the bosom of a working family in 1894, and died in the same city in 1924. Still very young stood his father, and had to start working from adolescence. She has also started very soon to relate some literary circles and writing his first works in Spanish for marginal magazines, where he worked together with other young revolutionaries. From this period are smoke from factory (1918) and a Socialist (1919) glosses.

He was a promoter of several frustrated projects of literary magazines of the avant-garde, like an enemic de poble (1917), Arc-Voltaic (1921) and bow (1921). In 1920, he disclosed a pasquin that dictated his Futurist manifesto "against los poetas lowercase". Between its formal elements revolutionary, they call some attention as the displacement of verses in staggered lines or the use of different types of letters. Other works of this era avant-garde, rebellious and iconoclastic are: poèmes in waves (1919) hertzianes or L´irradiador of the port i les gavines (1921). Then came other more traditional books, with a poem of popular type. Include titles such as Les conspiracions (1922), the gesta dels estels (1922), the poem of rosa als llavis (1923) and Ussa minor (published posthumously, in 1925). He died of tuberculosis which swept from childhood in Barcelona.