Biography of Joaquín Sánchez de Toca (1852-1942)

Joaquín Sánchez de Toca.

Lawyer and Spanish politician, born in Madrid (1852) and died in Pozuelo de Alarcón (1942). He/She made his studies in Bordeaux and later at the Central University, which graduated in law in 1872. Member of the conservative party, he/she was a member from 1884, and in 1899 he/she was appointed Senator for life. In 1890 he/she entered the Academy of moral and political sciences, which came to head.

He was Mayor of Madrid (from 1896 to 1907), Minister of agriculture (from 1900 to 1901), Minister for the Navy (from December 1902 until July 1903), Minister of grace and justice (from December 1903 to December 1904), President of the Council of State (1905) and Royal Commissioner for canal de Isabel II (1908).Upon the division of the Conservative Party followed Eduardo Dato, although it remained independent. Presided over the Senate and finally was head of Government in 1919. He/She tried to use the Institute of social reforms for the reconciliation of the growing social conflicts in Andalusia and, above all, in Barcelona. He/She was forced to resign because of the intolerance of the Catalan Employers Federation, the discrediting of the military juntas of defence and the opposition of the army in general, he/she asked responsibilities for his performance in Marruecos.Entre his works stand out: our naval defence (1903), regionalism, municipalism and centralization (1921).