Biography of José Sánchez Guerra (1859-1935)

Politician, lawyer and Spanish journalist. Editor of several magazines, was a Deputy for Cabra (Córdoba) in 1886, he/she held the portfolio of the Interior next to Maura (1903-1904) and the building (1908-1909). Subsequently, and continuing true to Maura, occupied the Ministry of the Interior. Chaired the last Conservative Government before the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, which objected, moving to Paris in 1927. After the fall of the dictatorship, Sánchez war showed a deep hostility to Alfonso XIII in a speech at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. The task of forming a Government by attending the model jail to offer ministerial portfolios that subsequently the provisional Government of the second Republic would form was dismissed him. In 1931 he/she left elected as a Deputy for Madrid within the conservative group's support for the Republic. He/She died in Madrid four years later.