Biography of King of Navarra Sancho Garcés I (¿-925)

King of Navarre since the year 905 to 925. Known as Sancho Garcés I the great. Son of García Jiménez, King of Navarre, succeeded the throne to Fortún Garcés. It is considered the founder of the dynasty in Pamplona, and according to some historians, Jimena as the first King of the Kingdom of Navarre because before this Kingdom was no more than a small territory around Pamplona, territory that Sancho Garcés I enlarged considerably with its conquests of the Arabs. His was not a Kingdom filled with victories, but he/she managed to extend his domain thanks to the partnership established with Ordoño II. Both managed to conquer La Rioja in 923, although Abd al-Rahman III inflicted les some defeats that same year, as the asolamiento of Pamplona.

The policy of alliances through marriage favored the internal tranquility of his reign and could thus engage in tasks of reconquest. Double links of their children, made with Toda Aznárez, were decisive: Urraca married with Ramiro II of Leon, Onneca with Alfonso IV Leon and García Sánchez, heir to the Crown, with the heiress of the County of Aragon, which was annexed to Navarre after the death of Galindo II Aznárez .