Biography of King of Navarra Sancho Garcés III (ca. 988-1035)

King of Navarre from the year 1004 until 1035. Son of García the Tremulousness. During his reign Navarre first its greatest splendour.

Their biggest worries were, given the supremacy of Almanzor, to increase his power within the Christian territories. He/She invaded the territories of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza, and joined the County of Castile and Navarre. Married to the daughter of the Castilian count Sancho García, annexed La Rioja in his dominions. Sancho García died leaving as a successor to García Sánchez, minor age, what gave rise to the other realms to take advantage of the weak position of Castile. Thus Sancho Garcés intervened in Castilian matters, while he/she got married to his sister Urraca Alfonso V, King of León. The Leonese King died in 1028 and the Regency passed to Urraca, as the heir to the throne, Bermudo III of León, was underage. The Castilian nobles killed García Sánchez, and Sancho Garcés, to calm the internal situation in Spanish, claimed the Government of Castile on behalf of his wife. Inheritance laws was awarded the Regency, and appointed his son Fernando Governor of Castile, Sancho Garcés to which married to Sancha, sister of Bermudo's León. War, he/she declared in 1032, to Bermudo, and he/she snatched the territory between the Astorga and Zamora, and supported by the nobility of León, he/she entered Leon and became proclaim Emperador.En the cultural field, Sancho Garces allowed the settlement of the Benedictine order, which conferred new perspectives on art.Dying their States Government committed to their children, so the peninsular unit returned to dissolve. García Sánchez he/she left Navarre; Fernando would govern Castile; Gonzalo, the Manor of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza, and Ramiro, the County of Aragon. The date of his death is the beginning of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon.