Biography of King of Navarra Sancho Garcés IV (1039-1076)

King of Navarre from the year 1054 to the 1076. Son of García Sánchez III, inherited the throne at the time of the death of his father, and was crowned on the same battlefield in Atapuerca.

He continued the war against the Muslims, although had to give priority to internal affairs. Firstly, to ensure their territorial positions in Castile, he/she allied with Ramiro I of Aragon, her uncle, Covenant which continued with the Aragonese successor, Sancho Ramírez. The Castilians took parts of the Ebro, in La Rioja, why the "Guerra of the three Sanchos' unleashed in 1067. The first confrontation took place in Viana; navarro-aragonesa force, Sancho II support the Governor asked to Muslim Zaragoza, vassal, aid insufficient to halt NATO enemy, which led to Sancho II to seek peace and to return the territories conquered in Navarra.Conocido by the Despenado because when hunting in the forests of Peñalén, his bastard brother, Ramon, it precipitated from a rock high in 1074. His death left two small children, but to avoid the problems of the succession of a child they chose to Sancho Ramírez, King of Aragon, as a successor. Thus the Kingdom of Navarre, joined the Aragon.