Biography of Sancho García (995-1017)

Son of the count of Castilla García Fernández and Aba of Ribagorza. Supported for this and some magnates rebelled against his father. After the imprisonment and the death in Medinaceli (995), he/she fought against Almanzor, assumed the Government of the County, it agreed a truce with the Muslim chieftain, who, in return, gave the corpse of his father. He/She was defeated by Cervera, or the battle of Calatañazor Almanzor in the year 1000. Dead this in Medinaceli in the 1002, concluded an armistice with his successor, Abd - al Malik, collaborating with him on campaigns against Ramón Borrell de Barcelona and the Kingdom of Leon. In the 1009 it supported the Berbers in the internal struggles of the Caliphate, helped Enthrone Zawi-ben-Ziri, for which he/she received in Exchange the fortresses of Osma, Atienza, Sepulveda, Clunia and Gormaz, that strengthened the border of the Duero. It strengthened its territory in the area of the Cea and Pisuerga. He/She was also count of Alava and of Asturias. Confirmation and granting many privileges to the populations of their territory, earned him the nickname of the of good charters. He/She founded the monastery of Oña in the 1011, and concluded the marriages of his daughters with Ramon Berenguer I of Barcelona and Sancho el Mayor de Navarra, which proved the prestige that had among other Christian Kings. He/She died 5 February 1017 and was succeeded by his seven-year-old son García.