Biography of King of Navarra Sancho VI (¿-1194)

King of Navarre from the year 1150 until 1194. Son and successor of García Ramírez V. He/She ruled with great prudence and justice, hence his nickname of Sage. He/She had married the sister of the Castilian King Sancho III, and to the death of this regained some Navarre squares, as the important Logroño, who were held by the strong Castilla. Once the successor of Sancho III, Alfonso VIII, reached the age of majority, attacked Navarra in 1075 while Alfonso II of Aragon took Tudela. Sancho had to surrender, and three years later Henry II of England made an intermediary between the navarro and the Spanish and got to sign both in Fitero peace for ten years.

It socorrió with much generosity to the poor and lowered taxes. He/She founded many towns, including the city of Vitoria in 1181. Also it was repopulated in 1187 Estella and Pamplona in 1189. He/She was married to Doña Sancha, daughter of Alfonso VII of Castile; in 1191 Ricardo the Lionheart married their daughter Berenguela Ricardo Plantagenet, King of England, aka.