Biography of George Sanders (1906-1972)

British actor born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was educated in Russia and then traveled to London, where he debuted in theater. In 1936 he went to Hollywood and starred in roles of 'dandy' immoral and self-centered. Its appearance captivated several directors of European immigrants, such as Renoir, who filmed this land is mine in 1943. The Oscar won the best supporting Actor for Eva naked in 1950. He starred in two television series: the Saint and the Falcon. In 1960 he returned to Europe. Castelldefels (Barcelona) committed suicide with an overdose of barbiturates. Among his films are the portrait of Dorian Gray (1945), Jack the Ripper (1944), nightmare (1945), the strange woman (1946), love you always (1953) or the letter of the Kremlin (1970).


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