Biography of Sangara (ca. 860-830 a.C.)

Prince neohitita of Carchemish, considered King of the Hatti country Assyrian sources, and likely successor of Katuwas. His Government, about 30 years of duration, was developed in the midst of constant struggle against the Assyrians. He/She was first to pay tribute to Assur-Nasirpal II, to whom delivered trucks, horses and men. Later he/she was part of a coalition of Kings that fought, unsuccessfully, to Shalmaneser III in 853 B.c. The following year, Sangara lost the fortress of Sazabe, the be again defeated by Assyrian troops. Sources allude to a new defeat of Sangara in 849 BC, in which were snatched him--and partly destroyed--nearly a hundred people. Sangara is figured as a tributary in the reliefs of the famous gates of Balawat. At his death, Carchemish became Astiruwas control.