Biography of Manuel Sanguily (1848-1925)

Writer, politician, military and law Cuban, born in Havana in 1848 and died in his hometown in 1925.

During his youth years, dominated by the strong emancipatory atmosphere they breathed in the last colonial territories of Latin America, awoke in him a pointed political vocation which led him to take a stand in favour of the cause of the freedom fighters. Thus intervened actively in the the ten years war (1868-1878), conflict in which, in spite of his youth, Manuel Sanguily was so outstanding that it ended up reaching the grade of major general.

At the end of the war conflict, the popularity gained with the handling of weapons allowed him to channel their pro-independence desires through political channels, which also reached a great importance thanks to its gifted speaker, characterized by a style close to that made famous the Spanish parliamentary forums Emilio Castelar. At the same time, the versatile hero habanero deployed intense humanistic activity which made him one of the great entertainers of the cultural landscape of the island during the last years of the 19th century and the beginning of the next century, especially thanks to the prominent role played by the magazine literary leaves (1893-1894), founded by the own Manuel Sanguily. In this cultural line, was the author of a brilliant essay production among which stand out some titles of historical content as the discovery of America (1892) and the Cuban revolution and the American Republics (1896).