Biography of José Sanjurjo y Sacanell (1872-1936)

Lieutenant general Spanish, coming from the weapon of infantry. He/She was born in Pamplona in 1872 and died in Estoril (Portugal) in 1936. The son of a captain of the Carlist army and nephew of the Secretary of the pretender to the throne of the same dynastic branch.

He participated in the campaigns of Cuba and Morocco where he/she made a brilliant military career awarded two decorated crosses of San Fernando, seven promotions by merit of war, he/she was called "León de el Rif", and the title of Marquis of Monte Malmusi which was later changed by the Marquess of the Rif.

During the dictatorship of general Primo de Rivera he/she served as High Commissioner of Spain in Morocco and upper head of the Spanish military forces in the protectorate, contributing with his performance to the total pacification of the area.

The Republic was proclaimed in April 1931 he/she serves as director of the Guardia Civil and, immediately, it is at the service of the Republican provisional Government, conduct somewhat strange given his loyalty to the monarchy and the person of Alfonso XIII.

On August 10, 1932, Director of Carabineros, Seville lining rises in arms against the Government, not against the Republic, says himself, but he/she only supported the uprising. After his failed attempt he/she was prosecuted and sentenced to death, which was commuted the imprisonment penalty. Held in the prison of el Dueso, in the Cantabrian town of Santona, until January of 1934 date that was transferred to the Fort of Santa Carolina (Cádiz). Soon he/she is amnestied; He/She leaves Spain, not returned in the army, and is set in Monte Estoril (Portugal). From this time he/she participated in the entire series of conspiracies that sought to overthrow the Republic.

Conspiracy against the Republic

Despite the reservations he/she had with general Franco pledged formally in the uprising of July 1936. After discussing with general Mola, through a series of links, the form of Government that would be implanted in Spain after the victory and signing a document, signed the previous day by Franco, which requested the Italian Government sending some planes, proposed returning to Spain to be held responsible for the leadership of the revolt. For this purpose, flew to Portugal the Commander Juan Antonio Ansaldo aboard a Puss Moth plane to move to Portugal Sanjurjo Burgos, but the aircraft crashed at the Hippodrome de La Marinha, near Cascais, in the place known as hell's mouth, in which the general was killed.

El General Sanjurjo, his son and the head of the Civil Guard.