Biography of Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710)

Guitarist and composer Spanish; born in Calanda, Teruel, in 1640 and died in Madrid in 1710. Spanish composer and guitarist. He/She studied music, theology and philosophy at the University of Salamanca, priest was ordered. It toured Italy, where he/she studied with Caresana, Benevoli, Ziani and bottom. The latter made him a great guitarist. On his return to Spain he/she was Professor of guitar by Don Juan de Austria, illegitimate son of Felipe IV. He/She wrote music instruction on the Spanish guitar and method from its first rudiments to playing it with dexterity published in Zaragoza from 1674 to 1697. The work is not only a Treaty of guitar, but it contains many popular songs and Spanish dances. With her Gaspar Sanz became the maximum Spanish guitarist from the 17TH century.