Biography of Belén Sárraga de Ferrero (s. XIX-XX)

Writer, journalist and Spanish librepensadora activist born in the second half of the 19th century and died in the following century, in unknown locations. It is possible that it was natural in Barcelona, city in which he/she lived for some time and whose spiritualist Centre was affiliated.

Encouraged from a young age by an independent and combative, spirit soon became one of the leading revolutionary propagandists of the country. From his journalistic articles he/she defended vehemently the need to establish the Republic in Spain, which led it to Valencia prison in 1901 under the accusation of "guard against the defeat of Spain in the war of Cuba from his newspaper and propagate the establishment of the Republic as a single measure of salvation". The Rotary hint is none other than the free conscience, which was led by the own Bethlehem Sárraga of Ferrero.

His stay in prison, far away from his ideas, took her to emphasize their revolutionary positions. Five years after having been sentenced moved to Buenos Aires to attend the International Congress of free thought convened there. On his return to Spain, now converted into one of the outstanding figures of the ideological forefront of the country, was elected President of merit (along with the politician, writer and mathematician Cadiz Rodríguez and Eduardo Benot) of an educational centre of Republican workers erected in Madrid.

From his literary, political and journalistic activity, Belén Sárraga, who was married to J. Emilio Ferrero, related to the main intellectual and artistic figures of the country. Writer and feminist fighter María in the Concepción Jimeno of Flaquer mentioned on their Album (1900). Among his print production is important to note the following titles: (poems) (Málaga minutiae; Popular press, 1901), only book of poems of the author; Nine speeches given in Santiago (Chile), sociological and religious criticism, in January and February of 1913, followed by their criticisms (Santiago de Chile; Printing press Victoria, 1913), compiled by Federico R. Tonda and published by the Chilean newspaper La Razón; and the evolution of thought and peoples and religious congregations (Mexico, 1915), which is a selection of the following conferences of the author: "The evolution of thought", "Woman", "Morality", "Family", "The problem of education", "peoples and religious congregations", "The Jesuits in America" and "tradition and progress".


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