Biography of Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931)

Dramatist and Narrator Austrian who was born and died in Vienna. Of Jewish origin, his family belonged to the rich and educated bourgeoisie of the time. A doctor by profession, was very interested in psychoanalysis. Due to the great success obtained with their dramas, he/she left medicine, to devote himself to literature. Founded the movement Jung Wien (young Vienna), from which would emerge later Austrian impressionism. His first work make up 7 dialogued short novels: Anatol, 1893. Written in jest, threatened by the tragedy characters try to escape to it. The conflict between illusion and life flows in the dramas the fable, 1894, and love affairs, 1896. The duration of the feelings, treated sarcastically. It appears in the round, 1897. In the Green cockatoo, 1899, the veil of Beatriz, 1901, and Professor Bernhardi, 1913, the author confuses reality and lying, the illusion of free will, and ethical relativism, confirming his skeptical view. He/She wrote short novels and stories: die, 1895, Gustavo, 1901, the Mrs Beate and his son, 1913, the return of Casanova, 1918, fled in the darkness, 1913-17, Miss Elsa, 1924, and double dream, 1926. His most important narrative work is the novel the way of freedom, 1908.