Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947-VVVV)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Austrian actor born on July 30, 1947 in Graz.

Sport practiced on the teenage Schwarzenegger a global influence, in the measure in which not only helped him to develop his physical appearance, but also its competitiveness and self-improvement. In addition, his father always kept family home a discipline extreme, reflected in the habit of raising his son during the morning so fulfilled long rounds of exercises. Although little versatile, the education of the young not only stopped at the gym; He/She also entered in various academic institutions to acquire a humanistic education, but was their impeccable muscle dexterity that provided him initially with substantial income. Three times he/she won the Mr. universe contest and seven times won the top prize in another competition bodybuilders, Mr. Olympia. In this extraordinary career was going to put his transfer to United States, where wanted to study business administration and Economics at the University of Wisconsin. In those classrooms, he/she understood that the American dream passed, where appropriate, by the world of the spectacle.

With that conviction, he/she took his burly appearance in mediocre films, case of Hercules in New York (1970). In 1976, he/she starred in the documentary Pumping iron, George Butler, and then took part in Stay hungry (1976), of Bob Rafelson, film for which he/she received a Golden Globe for the best debutant actor, which ratified his chances in Hollywood. But the actor went further in this sense: he/she enrolled in ballet classes to refine his excessive corpulence, practiced martial arts and also attended courses of diction. All this for a single dream: Star of American cinema.

In 1982 starred in Conan the barbarian, John Milius, adaptation of the adventures of the barbarian hero created in the 1920s by the writer Robert E. Howard. The film grossed $ 100 million and meant the popularisation of Schwarzenegger among viewers. A reputation that was confirmed with Terminator (1984), James Cameron, where the Austrian actor gave life to a destructive Android from the future. Between the two, Schwarzenegger took to nationalize American.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had gotten us citizenship in 1983. Master in the difficult field of public relations, soon became acquainted with the most influential political circles. Such circle of influences was confirmed in 1986, when he/she married Maria Shriver, Member of the Kennedy family. Soon after, the Republican government honoring Schwarzenegger with an administrative charge directly related to the sport.

At the same time, confirmed his domain in action cinema with films such as predator (1987), John McTiernan, and Danko, red heat (1988), Walter Hill. But, in order to not consolidate a too violent stereotype, also wanted to shoot comedies as the Twins hit twice (1988), by Ivan Reitman. For this purpose, he/she alternated films of certain hardness, as total challenge (1989) by Paul Verhoeven, with other more friendly, for the family, as Poli's nursery (1990) of the own Reitman.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator role

In 1991, he/she met James Cameron to film Terminator 2: judgment day, sci-fi film that cost 95 million dollars and raised more than 200 million. Next to Cameron, returned to succeed with true lies (1994), action comedy that coprotagonizaba Jamie Lee Curtis.

Schwarzenegger has developed a career in which proliferate the blockbusters. However, some of his films have been a mediocre financial performance. They are the cases of the last great hero (1993), John McTiernan; Eraser (1996), by Charles Russell; Batman & Robin (1997), Joel Schumacher. Also the premiere of the sixth day (2000), a futuristic thriller about genetic manipulation directed by Roger Spottiswoode, got the expected success in the United States.

The actor, who had repeatedly confessed his intention to devote himself to politics, presented in August 2003 his candidacy for Governor of the State of California. He/She won the elections held on October 8 with 48.1% of the vote and the support of a large part of the Hispanic population. He/She swore the charge on December 18 with a speech where he/she pledged to not raise taxes. His administration, conservative character, has taken political decisions as controversial as the prohibition of marriages between homosexuals or not debt cancellation capital punishment for death row inmates, which cut off many points for his possible re-election in polls. Thus, in the 2004 presidential election his party ended up defeated, since the polls resulted in a majority support to the Democratic candidate, John Kerry. Especially striking was the case of Stanley Tookie Williams, a convicted accused of four murders in 1979 and that he/she was fully rehabilitated, and had even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, since he/she had written several books for young people where condemned the violence; Despite voices of clemency, departures from the associations against the death penalty and the support of numerous celebrities, including some faces famous from Hollywood, the inmate was executed in December 2005.

Two days to the assumption of functions of President Obama, in January 2009, the Governor of California and former actor, requested urgent funding to President Obama, so that their State does not fall into a situation of bankruptcy. Request requested it in a peremptory manner, given the imminent danger of collapsing a State whose prosperity indices outperform the of several prosperous in the world. From the month of January, 2009, employees of the public administration are obliged to take two days off per month, without pay, to alleviate the deficit.


In film:

1970: Hercules in New York.1973: A long adios.1976: Stay hungry; Pumping iron.1979: Cactus Jack; Fool the ultimo.1982: the barbaro.1984 Conan: Conan the destroyer; Terminator.1985: The Red Warrior; Comando.1986: Ejecutor.1987: Predator; Perseguido.1988: Danko, red heat; The Twins hit two veces.1989: challenge total.1990: poly guarderia.1991: Terminator 2: judgment final.1992: Feed.1993: The last party; Dave, President for a day; The last great heroe.1994: A century of cinema; Beretta completo Island; True lies; Junior.1996: T2 3-D: Battle across time (short film in three dimensions); A father in trouble; Eraser.1997: Batman & Robin.1999: End of days.2000: the sixth dia.2001: damage colateral.2003: Terminator 3. The rebellion of the maquinas.2004: the around the world in 80 dias.2010: mercenaries.

In television:

1974: The dating game.1977: The San Pedro beach bums; The streets of San Francisco.1980: the history of Jayne Mansfield.1983: Carnival in Rio.1989: Tales of the cripta.1992: Lincoln.1995: Sinatra: 80 years my way.1998: The magic hour.