Biography of Ridley Scott (1937-VVVV)

British film director, born on January 3, 1937 in South Shields, in the English County of Durham. Óscar has been nominated three times for the awards for Best Director.

During the first years of his life already shows a special interest in the art world, in particular for painting and drawing. He enrolled in different specialized as the West Hartlepool College of Art centres and the famous Royal College of Art, in which confirmed his special talent for painting, drawing, graphic design or photography.

It will be in the film school where he made his first film work in the form of a short entitled Boy on a bycicle, which counted with the collaboration of his father and of his brother Tony, also film director. This work already drew the attention of the British Film Institute. Shortly afterwards moved to New York, in order to improve graphic design, photography and television, which will allow you, as in England, working for the BBC and start his work as advertising, in which through the Ridley Scott Associates, company that he founded with his brother, will consolidate a prolific career that will allow you, at the timestart the preparation of film projects.

The duel-showing audiovisual resiliency to subsequently confirmed the director will give his first step towards the conquest of the big screen with the duellists (1977), an adaptation of the novel by Joseph Conrad -. The film is the historical reconstruction of a few events in the first fifteen years of the 19th century, between two military's rank of the French army. The film translation shows a balance between the work of large environments and the intimate vision of the various situations. The budget Scott tipped a work centered on the characters, with a finish essentially a television that some critics quickly located in the area of arthouse films. However, the rigor and the quality of the image and the atmosphere were attractive for the jury of the Cannes Festival awarded the prize for the best "opera prima".

The following link would be to Scott to mark a style which, eventually, would be defining and shaping up in other works. Director perfectionism is evident on the Alien, the eighth passenger, the title that launched him to fame. The commerciality of this film seems to be the approach that Scott makes in the history of environments, characters and related visual, highly consolidated into a few genres - science fiction and terror. A dramatic script, reworked on several occasions, is the starting point, which means let glimpse moments of some imbalance in the action that takes place on the ship "Nostromo". However, perhaps this goes unnoticed when the spectator assumes the history, in which enters stealthily and soon catches him to cause genuine moments of anguish, always from suggestive visual references for something more than it is. Alien... goes a bit beyond the far seen on-screen, against the image of a sci-fi movie, offers a look toward the individual, towards their existence and future, and marks with an imprint that will be seen in many subsequent films.

If this film already puts Ridley Scott in the orbit of most striking Hollywood directors, his next project, Blade Runner, will consolidate it in the annals of the history of the cinema. The new bid is abundant to point out new paths to the film industry, those in which the mystification of genres is necessary for the sole purpose of creating a new style. In Blade Runner - adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick do dream electric bee androids?-refers to humanity, of disintegration, lack of feelings, and merges the reality of being 'human' with the of those replicating robots that show some "feelings" or reactions that betray his peculiar "humanity". The atmosphere created by Scott and his team, special effects and the music of Vangelis, synthesize numerous film, from references of the most various genres, which adapt very effectively to an uncertain future, not for very imaginary less surprising.

The slat in the career of Scott was very high after this shoot. Your next step could mean a step further or, when less, stay where it was. However, Legend was braking very hard in his career, since the universe of fairy tales is evaporated in a cold and chained sequence of images very attractive and visually elaborate, but devoid of inner strength.

Scott has remained strong in a few stories in the duality of the individual, immersed in the light and the darkness of a world - yours and that surrounds him - increasingly complex and surprising. Therefore it is not difficult to understand to take the shooting of the shadow's witness, a conventional story that surpasses production thanks to its good do as director, knowing if necessary, recreate at certain times, and the synthetic time in order to advance the story. The "thriller" have the consistency of many others, convinces in its thematic and narrative, tradition even though this may be little for a director who has said more things.

The bipolarity of man has its projection in culture and tradition. Why Scott continues inquiring on some of these issues in Black rain, in which an American police is immersed in the networks of the Japanese yakuza. Here the image captures all the cultural message - the rite and tradition - Japanese society and is located opposite the way of thinking of a Western, though he is actually point there it can be coexistence between both lifestyles.

In any case, if the works of Scott are discussed in detail, can be seen in all a motley model of itineraries, stories that are moving in search of a goal: the man. Why he insists in Thelma and Louise that trip, whether physical or spiritual, which never ends as one has imagined. What can happen when two different and distant, people unite to free themselves from the bondage of monotony? Simply that manage to overcome that State or, on the contrary, keep it for life. The problem occurs in the first case, when two women realize that the only possible way, after the bitter and tragic experience, is the release that produces death. Although this film Ridley Scott recovered in something its prestige, fails that you place him again in places of privilege.

Subsequently, Scott will lead a project in lathe to the figure of Cristóbal Colón, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his voyage to America. The results hardly speak in your favor. His following films hint that it's a good director, he knows to be behind the camera, but lack motivation, that perhaps because some of their work lost much of Visuality that other directors had given. This is a question that only defines the way of understanding the film by Ridley Scott.

The last years of Scott were linked to his position in the direction of the Shepperton Studios, the most monumental and assets in Europe.

In 2000, the British director signed Gladiator, a blockbuster that recovered Roman film, a genre pampered for years by the major producers of Hollywood. Great film industry recognized Scott adventure with five Oscar Awards, including the best film of the year, although the filmmaker did not get the statuette for his address. Two years later, and in a moment of patriotism exarcebado in American society after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the British filmmaker released Black Hawk downed, an epic tale about the failed intervention of American troops in Solamia in October 1993.

After producing two more tapes, the next great work of Scott was the Kingdom of heaven, film which, following in the footsteps of Gladiator, it was again a great blockbuster of time which, in this case, the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin tells before the third crusade. The film featured an all-star cast and a very high budget, one of the largest in the history of the cinema.

In 2006 he directed a good year, movie based on a best-selling, with Russell Crowe; in 2007 he directed American Gangster, based on real-life drug lord Frank Lucas and starring Russell Crowe and Denze Washington; and at the end of 2008 opens network of lies, again with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.

In June 2009, filming for a series of television of the pillars of the Earth, the biggest bestseller of all time, begins the novel by Ken Follett, with joint direction of his brother Tom Scott.

In 2010 opens Robin Hood with Russell Crowe in the role of protagonist, but this time the criticism was not very positive.


1977: The Duelists. 1979: Alien, the eighth passenger. 1982: Blade Runner. 1985: Legend.!987: The shadow of the witness. 1989: Black rain. 1991: Thelma & Louise. 1992: 1492 conquest of paradise. 1995: White squall. 1997: The Lieutenant O'Neil. 2000: Gladiator.2002: Black Hawk derribado.2003: Matchstick men; The impostores.2005: the Kingdom of heaven. 2006: A good year. 2007: American Gangster. 2008: Network of lies. 2010: Robin Hood.


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