Biography of Augustin Eugéne Scribe (1791-1861)

Playwright and librettist French who began his career as a playwright in several Paris theatres, but highlighted as a librettist for operas and comic operas and collaborated with all the great composers of his time. These include Bellini (La sonnambula), Donizett (five operas, including L'elisir d'amore), Meyerbeer (five operas, such as the African) and Verdi (two operas, among them the Sicilian Vespers). It was one of the leading figures in the establishment of French Grand Opera, along with the composer Meyerbeer and director Veró at the end of 1820 and the beginning of the thirty. The public conquered by his great theatrical sense and showed life through customs and characters of his time. Characters, who sometimes seem to surface, are a reflection of an era without character.

In 1836 he/she was admitted as a member of the French Academy. Their work, published in its entirety, is composed of seventy-five volumes, of which six are operas and twenty of Comique.


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