Biography of Yuri Sedij (1955-VVVV)

Pitcher of Soviet hammer, born in Novocherkassk (Caucasus), who was Olympic champion in Montreal (1976) and Moscow (1980).

His later career was marked by the boycott of the Soviet Union to the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles (1984). The reason that this country did not send its athletes to compete was not clear, but everything seems to indicate that it was a response to the starred four years earlier (Moscow, 1980) by several countries, including United States, thus showing his disagreement to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The damage that caused the Soviet Government with this decision was enormous dragged all the countries that were under its influence, with the exception of Romania.

His next sport appearance took place in the World Championships in Helsinki, where it reached the second position, with a mark of 80,94 m, result difficult for most pitchers. In 1986, in the Championship of the world of Tablin, was winning to throwing the hammer to a length of 86,66 m, record that surpassed that same year at the European Championships in Stuttgart.