Biography of Hércules Pietersz Seghers (1590-1639)

Painter and Dutch engraver, born in Haarlem in 1590 and died in Amsterdam in 1639. He was a disciple of Van Coninxloo. From 1612 it appears as registered with the Corporation of San Lucas of Haarlem painter. From 1614 to 1628 works in Amsterdam, to spend in 1631 to Utrecht, the Hague in 1631, and returned to Amsterdam in 1633. It is an original and innovative artist who develops the technique of etching, colored linen fabric or wallpaper.

Its most outstanding production are his engravings of landscapes, some fifty plates, which include landscape with sharp rocks, river landscape and larch mossy, made with an impeccable technique, which uses stippling and holes that allow countless effects and nuances.His paintings of landscapes are, probably subsequent to 1629, and his engravings of landscapes. Only fifteen signed are known, but none appears dated that makes difficult its chronological framing. They represents large scenic spaces, with very low horizon lines, vast overcast skies and landscapes gloomy, suddenly illuminated with Golden lights, lighting effects that will influence on the painting of Rembrandt. They include Valley with red houses, Valley River, great scenery and view of Rhenen.La Seghers painting shows the moment in which the landscape has been released and is interpreted as a genus isolated, without the need for the figure and scenes for their development and representation. In addition, released from the Italian influence, reflected the Dutch soul and man's relationship with nature in a realistic sense, without idealization.


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