Biography of Santiago Segura (1965-VVVV)

Santiago Segura

Actor, screenwriter, producer and director of Spanish Cinema born in Madrid on July 17, 1965.

He studied fine arts, career in which he graduated in 1989. Always he was attracted by the world of interpretation and, especially, by the development of audiovisual stories. While studying already he directed his first works in super-8 (the stories of the middle of the night). He was part of the Madrid show business and consolidated as a showman skilled, able to conquer the public. He participated in all those films that allowed him to exploit his radical way of understanding genre film, and intervened as contestant on various television programs, like crazy on TV and not laugh you that it is worse.

His short films about a strange and troubled character, Evilio, consolidated you as one of the most promising figures in the world of cinema, promise that was confirmed to be him given the Goya for her second work, Perturbado (1993).

His work as an actor is located around characters who stand out more somehow, his anarchic and unique personality. It was an ecologist at Todos a la Cárcel (1993), by Luis g. Berlanga; a connoisseur of urban tribes that joins forces with the representative of Satan on the day of the beast (1995), by Alex de la Iglesia; a riot in Matias, judge line (1996), Luis Guridi and Santiago Aguilar; a politician pederast and a candidate for a seat in Airbag (1997), Juanma low Ulloa; or a priest in Paris Timbuktu (1999), by Berlanga.

In any of its aspects and characters, his presence in the deals is always a nod to his most faithful followers. Many of his roles are episodic, and yet are all effective. Spanish producers know that, by itself, secure Santiago is only a commercial hook, and as such take advantage of it. Animated perhaps by this circumstance, Segura was proposed to assume the leadership of its first feature film, entitled Torrente, the stupid arm of the law, which premiered in 1998. The film, in which the own Segura plays police protagonist, gathers in its history world that especially interests its author: fantastic and terror with Hispanic cinema more anchored Spanish comic universe socially, a decadent world - where I delcarmen it mingles with the unpleasant and violent - where he feels a mixture of post-modernity and deep-rooted nostalgia andespecially the "buddies" group which has brief interventions in history. He sought to offer a history open to two generations. The bet, which did not cease to be a risk for the company, was a success, given that was favoured with a response of the mass public that turned the film in one of the most blockbuster of the Spanish cinema, thanks in part to the intense campaign of personal marketing carried out by the director. In addition, he was awarded the Goya for best novel director on 23 January 1999, and veteran Tony Leblanc also received the Goya to the best supporting actor for his performance in this film. Muertos de risa, also by Alex de la Iglesia, where she plays one of the roles actors along with another great comic actor of the screen, El Gran Wyoming was released in March of that same year.

In 1999 she was co-star of the television series delicate Petra, beside Ana Belén, which again played a policeman and in 2000 was back behind the camera to shoot the second part Torrente, a tape that was seen by more than five million viewers and raised at 3,700 billion pesetas box office; a record unprecedented in the history of Spanish cinema. In addition, in 2005, came a new version of the adventures of this character, Torrente 3, guard, who was also a great box-office success and that, on this occasion, he had the exclusive production of the Segura. In the first week of exhibition was seen by 1.380.000 spectators, and raised €7,200,000, above even of the premiere of Star Wars Episode 3: revenge of the Sith, a true box office record.

After these successes, and some stakes in comedies which became more grief than glory (like one of the zombies, 2003; ISI/Disi, amor a lo bestia, 2004; The amazing world of Borjamari and Pocholo, also of 2004; or Isi/Disi, high voltage, 2006); and some more serious titles (such as gold in Moscow, in 2003; Say yes, 2004; Welcome to House and machine dancing, 2006), and even papers in international blockbusters (such as Blade II, in 2002; Hellboy, in 2004; and Manolete, in 2006), Segura gave an unexpected twist in his career in the summer of 2006, by bringing to the stage the work of Mel Brooks producers, along with José Mota, a musical in which the actor also showed abilities as a dancer and singer.

Santiago Segura, in the presentation of Torrente 4.

Until the end of 2009, Santiago Segura, represents the work a couple of fear, adaptation of the screenplay by Santiago Segura of The Mystery of Irma Vep, starring Josema Yuste y Florentino Fernández. When the work is complete, Segura, announces that he is doing the screenplay for the fourth film of the saga torrent, which began filming on July 20, 2010, also was filmed in 3D. This new installment was released in theaters on March 11, 2011 and raised €8.300.000 in its first weekend with more than one million viewers.

Hired by Antena 3 program El Hormiguero, also participated in the contest your face sounds, in September and November, and in its second edition, October and November 2012. This year presented the Gala of the Goya Awards.


As a director

Short films

1988: The stories of midnight. 1992: Evilio. 1993: Disturbed. 1994: The Purifier (Evilio returns).

Feature films

1998: Torrente, the stupid arm of the law (and screenwriter). 2001: Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella (and screenwriter). 2005: Torrente 3, guard (and screenwriter). 2011: 4 torrent: Lethal Crisis (lethal Crisis) (and writer).

As an actor

1992: Acción mutante. 1993: Todos a la Cárcel. 1994: Horns of women; Oral sex; Everything is a lie. 1995: The day of the beast. 1996: Two much; Matias, line judge; I have a House; The good life; You only die twice; Killer Babys. 1997: Airbag; Perdita Durango. 1998: The girl of your dreams. 1999: Dead of laughter; Paris Timbuktu; The ugliest woman in the world. 2000: The heart of the Warrior; The woman's River; Masterpiece; Sabotage. 2001: The girl in the rio.2002: Blade II; Killer seriously; The dream of the maestra.2003: the Moscow gold; One of zombis.2004: Isi / Disi, amor a lo beast; The amazing world of Borja Mari and Pocholo; Hellboy.2006: Welcome home; Machine dance; ISI / Disi, high voltage; Manolete. 2008: Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games; Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. 2010: Unresolved sexual tension; The great Vázquez; The last circus. 2011: 4 torrent, Lethal crisis; The spark of life. 2012: Jack & Jill; Comme a chef