Biography of Senakhtenre o Seqenenre Taa I (ca. 1558 a.C.)

(Snkht.n-Ra) name of crowning of the considered thirteenth King of the 17TH dynasty Egyptian and successor of Intef VII. Of Senakkhtenre, called Seqenenre Taa I, until recently ignored his name Sa Ra (is not proven to be called Taa); However, it appears registered in the Chamber of the ancestors of Karnak and the table of offerings and libations of the scribe Qenhirkhopshet. With the name of Sekhentenre was registered in the list of the tomb of Khabekhnet. Also, his name was apparently in the Abbott Papyrus III, but it was replaced by mistake by the of Seqenenre Taa. He has been admitted that she married Tetisheri, who had to Ahhotep II - later Queen - and Seqenenre Taa, who married each other, and Inhapi, wife who was also his brother. Given the distance of the Court's Thebes hics, Senakkhtenre, nominally vassal of the Hyksos Kings, enjoyed total autonomy in their area, even though the facts of his performance and even the years of his reign are unknown. El-Naga was most likely buried in the area of the Hill of Dra Abu. He was succeeded on the throne by his son, the aforementioned Seqenenre Taa.