Biography of Mack Sennett (1880-1960)

Director, producer and actor of American cinema, born on January 17, 1880 in Richmond (Canada) and died on November 5, 1960 in Hollywood (United States). Real name Michael Sinnott.


Born in a humble family of emigrants, Mack moved as a teenager to the United States in order to try his luck as an actor in the entertainment industry. The first opportunities came you from the hand of the prestigious actress Marie Dressler, who knew how to recognize innate qualities for the burlesque Theatre in the young performer. However, to 1908, he decided to try his luck in the nascent cinema as a way to earn some extra money, allowing him to overcome ongoing crises work common in theatre. Hired by Biograph become a kind of guy for all able to play comic roles, farces or tragedies, and at the same time exercising as improvised Carpenter lifting decorated, Assistant of direction or screenwriter. The Curtain Pole (1909) was the title that unveiled him as an actor, a role of drunk that causes multiple humorous.

In 1910, he had the chance to replace director Frank Powell fell seriously ill this while doing A Lucky Toothache, working within an incessant series of short films that were shot just unprepared and at a pace close to five per week. The continuity of this type of production allowed him to acquire a trade that would later take its maximum splendor with his favorite Muse: the actress Mabel Normand. Noting that these films threw significant amounts of money at the box office, it was decided to mount its own production studio with the help of modest publishers Baumann and Kessel. Thus arose Keystone, who developed a unique style of comic films close to the absurd, full of colorful characters and narrated with a huge anarchy. As the study grew ended up being necessary the filming of several titles at the same time, so they hire directors and actors to form a huge family of artists capable of improvising on the fly and jump of a project to another without just solution of continuity.

Its success reached such a dimension that in 1915 Mack Sennett would be nothing less than one of the founders, along with the legendary Thomas Ince and David w. Griffith, of the Triangle company, which allowed him to make films long, a little more close to the medium-length, and with a higher degree of technical development. But four years after its founding tensions in the Triangle were apparent and Sennett returned to the freedom of his Studio. Immediately appeared the 'Bathing Beauties': a chorus of bathers that created figures of great ornamental impact for viewers by moving their arms and legs. In that sense, Sennett is also attribute a huge capacity to raise journalistic interest by a few swimwear little demure for the time and somewhat flashy advertising formulas like the roll parodies of previous hits from Hollywood.

To rescue from the abyss of drugs to his beloved Mabel Normand took place at the beginning of the Decade of the twentieth feature films Molly O (1921) or Suzanna (1922). Success also accompanied this initiative, but times were changing in inexorable way and sound movies came to certify the death of some ways in which Sennett is had always performed with singular skill. In 1932 he finished definitely closing their studies.

Vast Filmography of Mack Sennett, next according to sources of greater solvency to the thousand titles, although to date no has able to be set in its entirety, demonstrates the frantic activity of who during the period I move outside one of the greatest comedians of history and especially the patron of fundamental artists in the film field. Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Harold Lloyd, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Charlie Chase, Harry Langdon, Chester Conklin and Ben Turpin left Sennett factory and of its popular Keystone Cops., an apelotonado group of clumsy police that would make the genuine delight of the public.

Selected filmography


1908: The Song of the Shirt. 1909: The Curtain Pole. 1910: All on Account of the Milk. 1911: Comrades (and address). 1912: The Fatal Chocolate (and address).

Producer and director

1913: The Sleuth completo Last Stand (and actor); The Darktown Belle; Love Sickness at Sea (and actor). 1914: Tango Tangles; Mabel s Marrie Life (producer only).


1915: Mabel's and Fatty Wash Day; The Best of Enemies. 1916: a modern Enoch Arden. 1917: Roping Her Romeo. 1918: Mickey.1919: Hearts and Flowers; Uncle Tom Without the Cabin. 1920: Down on the Farm; Honour and Behave. 1921: Molly o. 1922: The Crossroads of New York. 1923: The Shriick of Araby. 1924: Romeo and Juliet; The Real Virginian. 1925: The be Squaw; Water Wagons. 1926: a Harem Knight. 1927: a Small Town Princess; His First Flame. 1928: Finished actor (and address). 1930: Hello Television. 1932: Hypnotized (and direction and screenplay). 1933: Blue of the Night. 1935: Ye Olde Saw Mill (and direction and screenplay). 1939: Hollywood Cavalcade.


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