Biography of King of Egipto Seqenenre Taa o Taa (ca. 1564-1559 a.C.)

(Sqni.n-Ra Ta-a) Tenth fourth King of the 17TH dynasty Egyptian, son of Tetisheriand Senakhtenre . Known by the documentation, the Taa King, whose Crest name was that of Seqenenre, married their sisters Ahhotep II and Inhapi, who had several sons and daughters, nearly all so-called Ahmosis. During his reign, which had to be brief, with the Hyksos relations were deteriorating to the point of military confrontation (fighting against Apofis). By your personal activity was known as "The brave" (addressing), although between 30 and 40 years found death fighting the Hyksos. This fact is deduced from his own Mummy, found in the "cache" from Deir el-Bahri, where had been taken during the 21st dynasty to subtract it to violators of tombs, which he/she presents several wounds in the head and neck. Some Egyptologists think that maybe the cause of his death was due to an attack, although both scenarios seem plausible. Be that as it may, Seqenenre Taa is one of the central characters of the literary, contained in the Papyrus Sallier I, composition known as the complaint of Apopi and Seqenenre, chronicling the run-up of the future hicso-Egyptian clash, on an issue about the hippos of Thebes. El-Naga, in a tomb not localized yet was buried in Dra Abu. Your Mummy and your magnificent sarcophagus, cedar wood, are in the Museum of Cairo. Numerous references of this King have come in different historical elements (Papyrus Abbott, real lists, statues, tombs of officials). He/She was succeeded on the throne by his son Kamose. Lately it is thought that this Kamose was his brother and not her son.