Biography of Victoriano de la Serna y Gil (1910-1981)

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Sepúlveda (Segovia) from September 1, 1910, and died in Valley of Alcudia (Ciudad Real) on May 22, 1981.

While his family forced him to pursue a college degree, his hobby leaned to bulls full to the active exercise of the art of Cúchares. However, he also concluded his medical studies.

As a novillero, on August 27, 1931 arose in the arena of the town and Court, where on 29 October of that year returned to take the alternative. His godfather was the ill-fated Cantabrian sword Félix Rodríguez Ruiz, who, in the presence of the Spaniard José Mejías Jiménez ("Pepe Bienvenida"), gave him tackle that had Lydia and death to rapier to the horned breaker, belonging to the iron of Doña María Hernan, widow of don José García-Aleas.

Always considered a bullfighter characterized by elegant refinement, Victoriano de la Serna also gained fame of brave and got to sign many contracts before the Civil War. But the fratricidal strife turned him away from the Spanish Bullrings and led him to Latin American lands, where could spread the grace of your stylist bullfighting by the most important squares in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.

Finished the war, returning to Spain depart you a declining portion of contracts, up to the end of that in 1941 only torea two runs (when in 1934 had closed the season with fifty-three lidiados celebrations, it had reached in the course of the previous year). To avoid losing the site completely, she wore short at some festivals, and attempted to relaunch his career during the 1943 and 1944 seasons. More convinced to the dessert that already there recover favor that once provided you the fans, on June 11, 1944 was cut the queue in the sands of the plaza Monumental de Las Ventas (Madrid).