Biography of King of Egipto Sethi II o Setkhy II (ca. 1200-1194 a.C.)

(Stkhy) Fifth or sixth King of the nineteenth Egyptian dynasty, legitimate heir of the Crown for being the son of Merneptah and of the Queen Iset-Neferet. However, soon succeed his father, Sethi II was away from the throne by Amenmesses, his own son, because it had probably been Takhat I, one of the wives of Sethi II. This could, with the help of the clergy of AMN, regain the throne and reign with the name neswt Userkheperure Setepenre bity for another two years. Building activity we have received some minor monuments, as well as a triple Chapel in Karnak dedicated to Amun, Mut and Khonsu, and his tomb, unfinished at the time of his death, in the Valley of the Kings, which was decorated with religious scenes and funerary deities. During his interrupted reign there were no relevant facts, even when indirect sources - refers to a theft that occurred "after the war" - is testimony to the usurpation of Amenmesses. He/She espoused three Queens, which would then complicate succession. The first was Takhat I, which apparently gave Amenmesses; the second was called Twosret, mother who was, probably, Sethi-Merenptah, Prince who did not prevail because he/she died before the King or was displaced by the Prince Siptah, son, perhaps, of the third wife of Sethi II, of unknown name or, as others, son of Amenmesses and his wife Tiaa. Given the minor of the aforementioned Siptah, Queen Tausert exercised the Regency for some years.