Biography of Peter Levin Shaffer (1926-VVVV)

Literary and musical critic and English playwright, born in 1926.

Educated at St. Paul's and Trinity College, Cambridge, shows a mastery of stage technique, and their dramas treats topics of interest for the middle class. His brother Anthony, author of Sleuth (1971), is also a successful playwright.

His first drama, Five finger exercise (1958), deals with the family life of the middle class; Follow The private ear (1962), collection of short pieces; The public eye (1962); The royal hunt of Sun (1964), on the conquest of Peru; Black comedy (1965), about the behavior of human beings when you create to act without being seen; Equus (1973), drama that was brought to the big screen in 1979; Amadeus (1979), born into a film by Milos Forman in 1984, in which re-works the theme of the relationship between Mozart and Salieri; Lettice and Lovage (1987) and The gift of the gorgon (1992).

He has been awarded the following prizes: Prize of Theatre Award from the New York Drama Critics Circle and the Evening Standard to the best foreign work by Five finger exercise; Antoinette Perry by Equus; and the New York Drama Critics Award and Golden Globe for Amadeus